Research Wing

Research activities of Kamayani Prashikshan and Sanshodhan Society

Established in the year 1964, Kamayani Prashikshan and Sanshodhan Society has transformed itself from a modest one room school to an all-inclusive institution in last five decades. It is recognized as the renowned Institute all over the country for the human services rendered to a much neglected segment of persons with mental Retardation which in modern times is also referred to as “Persons with Intellectual disabilities”.

During early years of the institute’s existence, it was realised that unlike developed western world and advanced US society, there is a great unmet need of subject specific basic knowledge pertaining to Indian socio-economic framework which is essential for education and training of trainers, social workers, other professionals and guardians who are involved in the welfare of these individuals. The huge pool of literature, understanding and expertise available in the western part of the globe is unable to solve the problems of persons with intellectual disabilities from Indian Society and majority of population in Indian sub-continent struggled to understand and handle mental disabilities cogently.

By sensing the dire need of generating the knowledge in the specialised area of mental retardation in Indian Socio cultural framework, Kamayani established its own research wing in the year 1989. Since then Kamayani Research wing has undertaken basic and applied research projects in the areas of social, economic, medical problems, training and rehabilitation issues of the persons with intellectual disability.

It is now evident from the literature that mental disability is not a single and one situation but a pool of spectrum of mental/ psychological disorders. The conditions clearly differ from each other in their origin, aetiology, severity and expressions.
Asperger’s syndromes, Autism, cerebral palsy, Fragile-x syndrome, ADHD are just few examples of these disorders. Each of this condition needs a special care and intervention; however, in the absence of any relevant education and information often these conditions are still collectively recognised as mental retardation and affected individuals suffer spontaneous neglect and contempt from the society due to society’s own obliviousness.

This situation in Indian society, especially in massive rural community (>90%; excluding metro cities) is tragic and to some extent unjustifiable for those special individuals, who are born or become socially and intellectually incapacitated.

Based on its own Research, Kamayani as a pioneer institute of Western Maharashtra has discovered and adopted its own instruments and methodologies, to develop the programs for education and development of intellectually disabled children and individuals. For all these years Kamayani has always adopted comprehensively and scientifically proven techniques to educate and train individuals with intellectual disabilities. Introduction of music, sports, physical education, amiable environmental conditions, behavioural, vocational and dietary interventions are some of the foremost tools which Kamayani has adopted towards holistic development of their students. The special schools and sheltered workshops are used as virtual laboratories for research purpose.

Thus Kamayani through its research has adopted a policy to initiate self-education and research to support not only their own instructors but also to evolve and stimulate social awareness and advocacy in associated workers, Professionals and society at large. This is achieved through publications, Conferences, research seminars and workshops in social fraternity and efforts are taken to stimulate them to adopt effective strategies to regulate and handle these challenges.

These are the above few reasons that Kamayani has persuasively adopted a policy to conduct continual research on these individuals and has evolved several innovative methods as an effective intervention towards growth and development of persons with Intellectual disability.

Objectives of Research Activity in Kamayani

  1. To understand various aspects associated with management and development of mentally challenged individuals
  2. To facilitate caregivers/ Social workers, teachers and parents of intellectually disabled in their routine care and interventions
  3. To assist special individuals in social integration and rehabilitation

Recognitions and Affiliations

  1. Kamayani is recognized as the Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Scientific and Industrial Research, Govt. of India since 1989
  2. The institute also has recognition as affiliated research institute by University of Pune since 1996

Research projects

Year 2014-15:
  1. An Exploratory study of the effect of music and movement on the personality disorders of ADHD, Aggression, Self-Injurious behaviour among the mentally challenged children.
  2. The research department of Kamayani is well supported by Research Advisory Committee which consists of experts from related fields.
Year 2013-14:
  1. A comparative study of mentally challenged workers and non-handicapped workers with a view of facilitating integration of mentally challenged in the formal work set-up.
  2. An exploratory study on self-injurious and aggressive behaviour amongst the mentally challenged.
  3. A study on the effect of nutritional supplements on the haemoglobin levels, oxygen level and functional development of MR children.

List of members of Research Advisory Committee, Kamayani, Pune

Dr. Ashutosh Bhupatkar Chairman
Mrs. Shreelekha Kulkarni Vice-Chairman
Dr. Arvind Kulkarni Chairman Kamayani
Dr. Mrs. Asha Deshpande Research Convener
Mrs. Uttara Pandit Member
Dr. K. N. Dhumal Member
Dr. Mrs.Janhavi Thatte Member
Mr. Kalidas Supate Invitee
Mr. Ashok Kulkarni Invitee
Mrs. Sujata Ambe Invitee
Mrs. Meena Borde
Mr. Narayan Shinde
Ms. Savita Dake