Sheltered Workshop

Children go to school till they are 18 years of age. But what after that? Where will they go?

They are not independent to go and work in the society on their own. Also, they might not get an understanding and supportive environment to work in. This lead to the concept of sheltered workshop.

Here mentally challenged persons are trained in various activities and skills which can help them rehabilitate.

Kamayani started sheltered workshop in 1977. It was recognized by government of Maharashtra, social welfare. In 1983, sheltered workshop got funds for a building from International Lions Club.

In the Sheltered workshop following items are produced:
  1. Handlooms – Napkins, Towels, Bed covers, Dusters etc.
  2. Stitching Unit – Beading of Napkins, Towels, Bed covers, Dusters etc.
  3. Book Binding – Notepads, Books, File-making and Printing
  4. Candle Making – Different sized and shaped candles
  5. Chalk Making – Black board chalks
  6. Seasonal- Rakhi, Ganapati idols and during Diwali; Rangoli, Paper latterns, Chakali bhajani (roasted mixed lentil flour), and Greeting cards.
  7. Soap - Detergents, Utensils washing powder, Liquid soap, Neel (liquid blue whitener) and Phenyl.

The mentally challenged persons working in this sheltered workshop are given a small amount of money for their help as a token of appreciation. Everyone has a bank account for the same where the amount is deposited.