CSR Activities

CSR ACTIVITIES at Kamayani and Scope for Industries to participate.

KAMAYANI INSTITUTES established in 1964 in Pune, India, has just completed its 50 Years of work for persons with disabilities in India. Kamayani is one of the top NGOs in India, working for all round welfare of persons with mental disabilities. Our Mission is to “Contribute to the welfare of Mentally Challenged Persons by creation of activities for Early Intervention, Special Education, Vocational Training, Research and Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons.” We also conduct public education campaigns in such areas. KAMAYANI has been approved by SIRO (Scientific & Industrial Research Organization of Government of India) and RCI (Rehabilitation Council of India). Kamayani has currently three branches enrolling 500 special students in and around Pune, which is a vibrant Industrial Center of India. We run schools for special children, vocational training workshops, sports training, cultural training, farm training, Child Guidance Clinics, Day Care Centers for elderly, Research Center and a College to train teachers in special education.

Kamayani gets salary grants from Social Welfare Department of the State Government of Maharashtra for some of its 100 staff members However, for most of other activities and expansion projects, Kamayani depends upon public donations and grants. Kamayani has CSR activities with many Industrial Houses.

There are many areas where we need CSR help and guidance. In near future, we are considering following projects
  1. Vocational Training Center for Disabled and weaker sections of society at Kamayani Talegaon
  2. Farm branch : Day Care Centers for Elderly MR persons at Kamayani Talegaon Farm Branch
  3. Vocational training and Employment Promotion Center at Kamayani Main Branch Pune
Industries Welcome to contact
Email: office@kamayanischool.org
Mobile: # 91-9822216380 Mr. Supate


BNY MELLON has been our # 1 public donor since the year 2009. BNYM has given very generous annual philanthropic grants over the past 5 years which have helped greatly to extend our Vocational Training Facilities at all our branches. More importantly BNYM has been providing to our students increasingly novel training activities through their Community Partnership Programs over the past 4 years. The exchanges between our students and BNYM Volunteers in areas of Sports, Painting, Crafts, Catering, Music, Debating Skills, Dance, Exercise, and Gym have been very inspiring for all our students and staff.

During year of 2014, 9 Community Partnership Programs were conducted by BNYM volunteers, donating about 1000 partnership hours. This benefitted about 1700 disabled persons directly and many time more persons indirectly. I am sure these community partnership exchanges have proved equally inspiring for BNYM volunteers to mix, understand and help this Special Segment of the society. BNYM grants have greatly helped us to improve our facilities and security for our school bus transports for students.

Tech-Mahindra and Sarthak Trust Delhi

With the help from Tech-Mahindra and Sarthak Trust Delhi, we conduct yearly Job Fairs at kamayani. In a two day job fair in Oct 2014, 700 candidates with disability were registered, analyzed and interviewed by HR teams from various Industries including Infosys, Vodafone, Wipro, Tata Motors and many other Industrial Giants in India. About 230 candidates were offered suitable jobs on the spot.!