Kamayani Shishu Prabodhan Kendra

Kamayani Shishu Prabodhan Kendra – Early Intervention Centre

About Kamayani

Kamayani School for special children was started in 1964 with 4 students by Smt. Sindhutai Joshi in her home. The aim was to help, educate and enable Mentally Disabled persons and slow learners. In the past 54 years , Kamayani has become one of the pioneer institutions in India from Maharashtra working for the training, rehabilitation and advocacy for the Persons with Intellectual Disability. Institute runs two special schools; at Gokhale Nagar and at Nigadi Pune, a day care centre, two Vocational Training workshops, a Research Department and a Farm based Center in the rural areas at Talegaon near Pune. Kamayani has recognition of Dept. of Social Welfare, Maharashtra, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. Kamayani is a Registered Trust and has Registration under Society’s Registration Act Also.

What is International Norm related to persons with Disabilities?

The UN convention on the Persons with disabilities and its Optional Protocol was adopted on 13 December, 2006 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. India ratified UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on 29 March 2007. By signing and ratifying the UN Convention, India has re-affirmed its commitment towards International Policy Framework in respect of the Persons with disabilities. The Convention is intended as a human rights instrument with an explicit, social development dimension. It adopts a broad categorization of persons with disabilities and reaffirms that all persons with all types of disabilities must enjoy all human rights and fundamental freedoms since birth.

What is the need for Early Intervention Center?

Children are naturally different from one another. Some are very active, and bright. Some are dull. There are some slow learners, who can be helped a lot if detected earlier. These problems can be due to high risk pregnancy, malnutrition of the mother, stressful surrounding in family or nearby, pollutions of various kinds.

Every parent wants their child to be a physically and intellectually healthy one. In our neighborhood we come across several parents who compliant that their daughter is 2 years old but still she does not talk or walk, Our son is 5 years old but has no speech, cannot respond when called, is very very hyperactive, hits others, goes to normal school but does not sit in one place and the school is not ready to take him anymore. The signs for slow progress or delayed development are many a times neglected by parents. In the absence proper guidance parents do not understand the problems of their Child and what he/she needs. They continue sending him/her in normal school and at the age of 9-10 when the normal school refuses to take him/her any more they realize that their child may be intellectually disable. If these problems are detected early, during ages of 1 to 5/6 years, there are several types of drug and non drug treatments which would reduce the impact of disability and improve the life of affected person and his/her family.

In our society due to non acceptance of mental Retardation parents come to know about the mental retardation of their child after the child enters the school. As a result he/she misses the early years of training. As per the suggestions by Department of Social Welfare, Kamayani has thus opened Kamayani Shishu Prabodhan Kendra an Early Intervention Centre to cater to the needs special children in the age group of 0-6 years.

What is Early Intervention?

Early intervention refers to a wide range of Services, experiences and supports provided to children, parents and families during the pregnancy, infancy and early childhood. Early intervention services are aimed to help young children who have Intellectual and developmental delays or specific health conditions such speech, hearing vision, muscle weakness, poor eating, walking problems and understanding problems. Most of these problems can be improved if detected and treated early.

Different types of specialists work with these kids. Early screening and detection of disability and intervention through drug or non-drug therapies helps in minimization the impact of disability on the life of a Person with disability. It helps to catch up in the lifecycle and increases their chances for success in school and life overall.

How the centre plans to work?

Parents and children will be first assessed by our professional team. Psychological and computerized tests will be carried on the child out to diagnose mental Retardation or any other syndromes. Tests such as Audiometry will be carried out to diagnose other accompanied handicaps in the child. Required drug and Non drug Therapy will be prescribed for the patient. It may take multiple visits to understand each case. The results and recommendations will be discussed with the parents. If parents agree, the child could be referred to special teachers, physiotherapist, speech therapists, psychologists, pediatricians for further treatment as per the need and the age of the child.

Other Services of the Early Intervention Center

Apart from providing Diagnostic services for special children by the specialized Doctors, later on the Center also aims to provide focused services to the parents, normal siblings and the family members through counseling in the areas of Acceptance of disability, the needs and conditions of special child, special training for caring and educating the child.

So to help the success of your child, please visit Kamayani Shishu Prabodhan Kendra.

Persons to Contact-
Dr. Asha Deshpande (9922433668)
Mr. Kalidas Supate (8208117643)