Mental Retardation

Case Studies

Sr.No Case Description
1. Anita , Age-60, IQ-39
2. Manjusha, being the youngest among three siblings ...

Anita * Name changed on request *

Age-60, IQ-39

Siblings- Brothers-2, Sisters-5

Moody, dominating, weak, eldest daughter in the family, commands respect.

She is more attached to her mother and also pampered a lot by her. Initially, she was admitted to a normal school but she could not cope with the studies or adjust there. She was admitted to our school after that. Soon enough lots of behavioural changes were noticed in her. Previously Shama was very very moody, but now she adjusts herself well in school as well as at home. She looks after everyone in school, specially classmates and children younger to her. She conveys messages, helps teachers conduct primary classes, and also takes children along with her. Now everybody at home and school is happy with Anita's work.

At home, Anita's sister-in-law respects her for her good behaviour and calls her 'Tai". Since Anita’s mother’s demise, her sister-in-law is her caretaker.

Anita enjoys home-section activities. A girl who previously was afraid to touch the match box, now manages to make tea for visitors in the absence of her family members.

She now has a good hold on kitchen activities like sorting grains, washing, cleaning and distributing vegetables. She manages daily activities like clothing, bathing and going to school all alone.

She has gained tremendous self confidence and has become independent.

Her sister-in-law calls up the social workers to complain if Anita behaves improperly. The social worker then provides guidance accordingly.