Mental Retardation

Case Studies

Sr.No Case Description
1. Anita , Age-60, IQ-39
2. Manjusha, being the youngest among three siblings ...

Manjusha * Name changed on request *

Manjusha, being the youngest among three siblings, and also because she was admitted to school at a very young age was noticed, helped and pampered by teachers and parents.

Her parents were educated; father had his own printing press business, mother was a housewife and also helped her father in his business. The family was financially stable. Manjusha was well accepted by her family.

She was one of the favourite students in the school too. And was also chosen to volunteer to welcome the guests with gifts & bouquets

In school she used to take interest in tailoring section activities where she folded clothes, made bunches of napkins, counted and sorted napkins (upto 40). She also stitched and undertook small activities in sewing section like selling and record keeping.

As everything at home was fine, her brother went to settle in a foreign country. Soon after that, her father passed away. That was a big trauma for Manjusha. Her father was suffereing from a chronic disease for a month before his death. Manjusha took care of him during this time. She used to give him his medicines, offer water, and food on time. After her father’s demise, her school friends helped her a lot to overcome her depression.

Manjusha and her mother started staying together after her father’s demise. Manjusha got a job at a nearby grocery shop under rehabilitation, with a salary of Rs. 350. Manjusha took good care of the shop, cleaned and arranged articles on the shelf. More importantly, she was very honest in her work. Work is worship was her motto. Three years later when the owner changed, Manjusha left the job.

Some days later, Manjusha's mother got a paralytic attack. The responsibility of her mother and their home fell on her shoulders. She took very good care of her mother. She cooked whatever she learnt in home science. She cooked dal- chawal, made tea etc. She helped in giving a massage to her mother. She also tried to learn Reiki to help her mother. There used to be only one sentence on her mother’s tongue, “My Manjusha is special, that’s why she is with me. If she was like the normal girls, she would have been married by now, and would have been with her new family.”

Manjusha helped her mother till the last moment of her life. Now Manjusha is in a hostel, where she helps others and is loved by all.