Mental Retardation


NATIONAL TRUST ACT, 1999.( For the welfare of persons with Autism, CP, MR and Multiple Disabilities)

The National Trust Act is a statutory body under the Ministery of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India. This Act was passed by Parliament in 1999. It provides for support to people with MR, CP, Autism and Multiple disabilities in their own homes or appointment of guardians after there is no one to care for them. In special cases care homes can also be established.

  1. Campaign for effecting positive attitudinal change
  2. Programme which foster inclusion and independence by
    1. Creating barrier- free environment
    2. Developing skills.
    3. Promoting self-help groups.
  3. Training and Support of Care givers and community members.
  4. Formation of local level committees to grant approval for guardianship.
  5. Development of sustainable models for Day Care, Home based and Residential Care
  6. Research in the four areas of Disabilities
  7. Advocacy for the rights of persons with four disabilities.
  8. Programme for persons with severe disabilities and women with disabilities.