The Founder

After the tragic death of her husband in an air accident in 1950, Sindhutai decided to leave Bombay and settle down in Punewith her two daughters aged 9 years and 5 years old. Her prime aim was education of her daughters and of herself too. She completed her matriculation, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees later on.

The year 1964 was to be the landmark in her life. She had been working in the Remand Home at Pune.

In order to solve a problematic case of a lady, she started a tuition for two mentally challenged children at her residence where that particular lady was engaged to impart training to the children. This was the beginning of Kamayani.

Sindhutai lived her life by FAITH and with this faith she worked for the betterment of mentally challenged children. Kamayani was the FIRST and ONLY schoolof its kind, for mentally handicapped in the Western Maharashtra. The school started getting more and more children and the institution started taking shape.

In the first ten years Kamayani had to struggle for existence as it was run entirely on its own resources. The State Government after realising the commendable work being done started giving Grant in aid to Kamayani. This facilitated the Society to expand and strengthen the organisation. Sindhutai established first a Workshop for adults and later a training college to train teachers of mentally challenged. In addition to the Gokhalenagar campus, Kamayani set up its campus at Nigdi, which houses a School and a workshop. She left her personal mark in each and every activity of Kamayani.

The two schools, a Clinic, a sheltered workshop, training college, a society, a research centre, Rural Rehabilitation & Residential Project at Talegaon Dabhade near Pune are the achievements of Smt. Sindhutai. More than 100 mentally challenged persons are earning livelihoodat different factories/ establishments. One of them is the recipient of President’s Award too.

With the help of teachers trained at the College, Kamayani has guided local organisations to start school for mentally challenged at 30 places in the state of Maharashtra. The Kamayani message has gone far and wide to give more attention to these neglected children of the Society. A rural based school and a residential colony for the mentally challenged are the projects on the anvil.

Kamayni is now not only the pioneer institution in the Western Maharashtra, but it also represents a Spirit of Social Achievement by overcoming all barriers including any disabilities. Socially aware individuals and institutions readily come forward to lend a helping hand to Kamayani in all its activities. This kind of collaboration draws people together in the Kamayani Family, and all work together in the Kamayani WAYof life - affection, dedication and hard work.