Kamayani was set up in 1964. The word 'KAMAYANI' derived from Sanskrit, literally means daughter of Kama. Jaishankar Prasad wrote, ‘Kamayani’, a modern Hindi epic in 1936. He depicted Shraddha as the daughter of Kama signifying urge, faith and determination to live with Truth as a basic principle. It gives us courage to face the world, confidence to achieve and helps in acceptance of the truth.

Mrs. Sindhutai Joshi (1917-2008) established Kamayani for making mentally challenged children self reliant. Despite personal hardships and tribulations Sindhutai’s overwhelming love for children of a lesser God-the 'mentally challenged' children - led her to make a humble beginning, which turned out to be pioneering.

The school that started in the backyard of her bungalow, ‘Kamayani’, in Pune has grown into an institution recognised all over the country for the yeoman services rendered to a much neglected segment of our society.

Sindhutai worked ceaselessly for Kamayani until her death in 2008 at the age of 92. She was awarded the President’s medal in recognition of her pioneering work.